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BV.MFLH.11 In Magazzino


Perché si usa

Mini Fit Lock is a fastening system by pressure that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It is ideally suited for the installation of panels, ceiling tiles, wall coverings and ceiling cladding of any kind. Fit Lock's concentric system allows the adjustment of pre-assembled panels to ensure a precise alignment and combination of multiple parts. Mini Fit Lock is easy to install, to remove and to reposition. It facilitates even complicated mounting, maintenance and renovation work etc.

Dove si usa

Mini Fit Lock is a versatile system, which enables the realization of high-quality veneers that are not only fixed but also removable. It suits also for mounting in all kinds of areas and a wide range of finishings.

Come si usa

MANUAL POSITIONING: with the help of specially designed position indicators, FIT LOCK is set on the elements, which are going to be connected. POSITIONING CAD-CAM: ideal for large surfaces - it allows to include the positioning references already in the planning phase. The two counterparts can be mounted on panels or brackets.

Caratteristiche Tecniche

  • Materiale:
  • Colori disponibili:
  • Foro(mm):
  • Diametro(mm):
  • Tenuta alla trazione (kg):
  • Peso
  • Acetal
  • white
  • 35
  • 40
  • 11
  • 10 g

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