Stucco universal plus SK23


Apply on well cleaned sanded surfaces; make sure the substrate is free from dust, fibres, dirt and surface condensation. On the metal plates, eliminate any residual oxide; degrease with antisilicone thinner. Thoroughly mix the filler with 1,0 – 3,0% catalyst paste (benzoyl peroxide), bearing in mind that the quantity of catalyst required depends on the operating temperature and the required processing times. The recommended temperature range for use is between 12 and 30°C. It is applied manually with a spatula in one or more coats until the required thickness is reached. Dry sanding cycle generally recommended, grits: P80-P120-P220. In its original packaging, the product can be used for 12 months if stored indoors away from direct sunlight, at temperatures not exceeding 20°C.


Low specific weight polyester plaster for general use, characterized by exceptional spreadability and sandabilityExcellent distension and deaeration for a complete absence of porosity. Used in the composite sector in the spatula shaping of the model, in the finishing of joints, in the elimination of imperfections and scratches, and in the leveling and smoothing of surfaces. Its perfect adhesion on any laminate is combined with low shrinkage and excellent sandability.


Recommended: polyester fiberglass and vinylester laminates; raw sheet metal, degreased and sanded.


In.Te.c (Slem)