SUPER NAUTICLEAN Boat Concentrated Cleaner

The product can be diluted from 2 to 4% in water. Apply with a sponge or brush, insisting where dirt is more difficult. Rinse with clean water. The product is self-drying.

SUPER NAUTICLEAN is the super concentrated detergent ideal for the professional external cleaning of yachts and boats in general. Pai Boat Composites SUPER NAUTICLEAN concentrated detergent removes the most stubborn dirt effectively, quickly and effortlessly, making it particularly suitable for cleaning at the start and end of the season. SUPER NAUTICLEAN quickly and easily eliminates stains caused by atmospheric agents, exhaust fumes, insects, grease and animal excrements. It also guarantees a good polishing action, leaving surfaces (including metal) clean and shiny.


Paiboat Composite