PERLA 10 Pasta abrasiva

Shake well before use, then apply with an adjustable speed polisher, selecting one SL3 non-scratch wool cap. For a more delicate and precise action, use a white hard foam pad. Put a small amount of product on the pad, spread with crossed movements starting with a low number of revolutions and gradually increasing (800-1500 RPM). Be careful not to overheat the treated area. Repeat several times if necessary, then clean with a microfibre cloth.

PERLA 10 abrasive paste

PERLA 10 is the fluid polishing abrasive paste for painted surfaces. This abrasive polishing paste developed by Pai Boat Composites is able to effectively remove P1000-1500 sanding marks, as well as yellowing, oxidation, scratches and dullness. PERLA 10 has been developed to speed up the polishing of enamel finished yachts and boats, shortening the sanding cycles and reducing the number of polishing steps. Its balanced formulation guarantees at the same time a high gloss level, which exceeds 90 GU. Especially on light colors it can therefore be used as a “single passing”.


Paiboat Composite